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As we approach the end of the year, many people see it as a time for reflection and an opportunity to start making goals and resolutions for the year ahead. It is a great opportunity to step back and really think about what you enjoy, what your purpose is and what is important to you. 



Make effective and lasting resolutions.

Before you start, please allow time to take stock. While we are all busy, we often forget to consider how far we have come. Take  a moment to reflect on your successes and failures this year, what you like and what you don’t like. Be realistic and try to be objective to make sure you find a decent solution for yourself moving forwards.


 Tips and tricks to keep your resolutions in sight.

Find a quote that inspires you. There are bound to be phrases that will inspire and motivate you. Try to find a quote that suits your current mood or your main resolution for the coming year. It doesn’t have to be a popular quote, it can be personal and kept to yourself. Every time you read it again, it will give you the little bit of motivation you need. 


Sample quote: “A resolution should be kept because it is a good one, not because you made it.” Francois de La Rouchefoucauld


Let your resolutions be your passwords, we often use passwords… and we regularly forget them! However, by setting your resolutions as your password, it will be easier for you to remember them. More importantly, every time you log into your mailbox or social network, you will remember that resolution you promised to keep. An effective daily reminder, easy to set up and adapted to your daily work without affecting your schedule.


5 good resolution ideas for 2022
  • Live more sustainably

Reduce your waste by ditching paper towels in favour of rags that you cut from old towels and clothes. You can also use reusable shopping bags.


  • Get out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time creates just enough positive stress to increase your focus, creativity, pace and drive, and helps you respond to the stresses of life when unexpected things happen.


  • Read a book every month

Did you know that reading is good for your brain, it can reduce stress and improve your memory and concentration.


  • Pay a compliment every day/act of kindness

You never know, it could make someone feel a lot better.


  • Improve your health

It’s well known that without good health you won’t get very far.


Most importantly, be kind to yourself. If you feel that this is not a good time to set new goals, don’t force it. Sometimes just to keep going is enough.  Often, the most important thing about a resolution is the motivation it provides, not the actual achievement of it.