Has technology impacted the property & construction sector?

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Has technology impacted the property & construction sector?

Over recent years, technology has transformed the way the property and construction industry operates. From building design to development, right the way through to building maintenance; technology has changed the way daily processes are conducted.


Why is construction technology beneficial?

Technology can improve cost, schedules, quality, safety and production. The volume and range of technology available is vast; from BIM to BMS, Robotics to 3D printers, AI to drones, the opportunities to change and modernise processes are developing constantly. As the world of technology continues to evolve, it is up to the professionals across the industry to adapt and welcome change, and for companies to source the right individuals for the ‘new’ way of working.


What key skills are you seeing in demand from your clients?
  1. Digital Skills for collaboration and productivity improvements across the sector as projects are increasingly delivered digitally.
  2. Technical skills for smart construction methods across entire project life cycles.
  3. Collaborative skills to allow teams to communicate and deliver digitally-enabled, smart construction projects. This is essential as projects become increasingly more complex and different teams are required to work more closely together.
  4. Traditional skills need to be maintained. This is essential to maintain and extend the existing built environment as the industry is already facing skills shortages.


It is crucial candidates going into the sector are familiar with new technologies and platforms available, confident using them, open to learning and willing to change old habits. Allowing cross team collaboration and full visibility of progress is becoming key.


What are candidates looking for in potential employers?

Technology is definitely a key factor. In our latest survey over half of the respondents said they could not conduct their role without technology. The reasons varied from time savings and faster processes to improved communication and knowledge sharing to Better access to information.

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