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We recruit executive candidates across the entire IT spectrum. These senior individuals create and implement business missions, visions and product strategies, lead software development teams, and translate objectives into product and technology solutions. They scale and foster technology and products to enable a reliable service and data-informed decision-making. 

Roles we specialise in include:

  • CTO
  • Vice President of Technology
  • Head of Technology
  • Head of IT
  • Engineering Manager
  • Teamlead  

We understand these leadership positions are vital for business growth, evolvement and future transformation. Given this level of responsibility, we appreciate that finding the right talent is paramount. 

We evaluate candidates in great detail. We assess experience working on software development products, including a solid understanding of advanced technical architectures of modern applications and systems. We drill down on leadership skills to ensure they can grow a team personally as well as professionally: acting as a team coach to motivate and develop individuals to perform alongside business needs and growth objectives.

Professionals in these positions need to have exceptional market knowledge and a passion for software development products. Our expertise allows us to not only uncover this, but measure an individual’s creativity and innovative approach to ensure they can drive a business forward confidently.

Information Technology is experiencing growth, challenges and fundamental change. Our team of expert consultants are on hand to offer advice on emerging and converging technologies, potential new revenue sources and most importantly, talent management and retention. 

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    We have worked with Halian to fill a number of positions over the years and found their involvement very helpful. Importantly, they supply only relevant candidates, so we don’t waste time.

    Karl Weaver, CEO atData2Decisions