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IT Project Manager’s ensure projects are delivered and implemented within a given scope, timeline and budget. They liaise with various stakeholders and sub-teams to ensure milestones are achieved, activities are tracked and deadlines are forecasted ahead of time. 

We recruit IT Project Management roles across a diverse range of sectors; from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals, finance to retail, insurance to media. All of these sectors have IT departments and therefore IT project managers are required. 

Roles we specialise in include:

  • Project Managers 
  • Program Managers
  • Project Coordinator

The majority of IT Project Management skills needed to succeed are soft skills such as: communication and interpersonal skills, negotiating and conflict resolution, proactive, influential and experience leading a team. The project manager is essentially the glue between the sub-teams in a project, making sure it all comes together like clockwork. So, these soft skills are essential to report progress, manage timelines and overcome obstacles.

Of course, depending on the project, technical skills and experience may be required if the project is related to a specific tool or system. Furthermore, most IT projects are run in an agile/scrum method, and therefore a typical Project Manager will have experience working in this way. 

We work with clients to decipher what skills, experience and seniority are needed for each individual requirement. Whether you need someone responsible for the day-to-day performance of the team, managing progress towards an objective, managing costs, scheduling project meetings, overcoming issues or a mixture of the above, we can find the right candidate for your needs. 

Our specialist consultants are experts. They question and qualify candidates in great detail including knowledge of; agile/scrum methodology; project delivery; project roadmap; translating scopes; planning and strategy; stakeholder management; budget management; resource management; project lifecycle; business processes and cross-functional teams. 

We understand the importance of effective project managers. They allow the technical sub-teams – developers, testers, etc. – to focus on their individual objectives, ensure costs are within budget and timescales are met. 

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