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What’s DNA nudge?

The DnaNudge was founded by Regius Professor Christofer Toumazou and Dr. Maria Karvela. It merges technology development and engineering with genetic testing and modern nutrition research.

A capsule and App with your unique DNA helps you to shop healthier. Since every DNA is unique and has a different genetic code, the nudge helps you find which food is good for you and your body. Their service is unique and can be described as the ‘world-first direct-to-consumer genetic test’, which is easy to perform wherever you are. There is no need to send your DNA sample to a special laboratory or specific doctor, making it not only quick, but also very user friendly.

You can compare it to a Corona Test – which is very easy to do by yourself nowadays – all you need is some DNA from your cheeks. The swab is then loaded into the DnaCartridge which analyses certain genetic traits regarding nutrition metabolism. The genetic results upload directly  onto your phone and the DnaNudge App sends your personalised nutrition recommendation.

You ask yourselves why? Here is the answer.

The DNABand or the smartphone app can scan food packaging barcodes of most major UK food supplier products. The nutritional content gets analysed and divided into eight metabolic categories, such as caffeine metabolism, sensitivity to calories, carbohydrates, fats and saturated fats, obesity risk, and salt and sugar sensitivity. The app is linked to the user’s unique DNA profile and able to decide if the product is “green” and suitable, or “red,” and should be avoided. This means the DNANudge is not only encouraging a healthier lifestyle, but helping to prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes in prone individuals.

The DNABand App interface is simple, clean and user friendly. If there is certain food you should avoid based on your DNA, the band blinks red. If it’s ok for you and your body, it blinks green. Unfortunately the DNANudge is only available in the UK, but the company is trying to sell the product in Los Angeles soon.