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In the depths of the internet and still hidden from the general public, futuristic technologies and projects are emerging that could well change our lives. This is the case of the metaverse. Once confined to the world of video games, it is still difficult to see how it could change our daily lives. And yet, it is now the bet of many investors and tech geniuses, including Mark Zuckerberg. 


The origins of the Metaverse

The origins of the metaverse go back to the early days of virtual reality. We remember Google’s attempt to develop glasses that could display virtual information in real-time. But at that time, the technology was not yet ready. From now on, it is at the heart of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain that the metaverse is played out. The aim is not to offer a video game, but a second, entirely virtual world where it will be possible to carry out numerous activities such as buying goods or meeting people. The interest has now been sniffed out by brands who are starting to place advertisements in it, as in The Sandbox, a preview of what awaits us in the metaverse.


What does this mean for the future of business?

For the moment, the metaverse is divisive. For some, it is just a fantasy, but for blockchain fans, it is real, as hundreds of independent projects linked to the metaverse are being created every day in search of potential investors. These are becoming more and more numerous. 

It must be said that the dream is becoming a reality now that virtual reality headsets are powerful and computers can handle so much data. In the workplace, they offer the possibility of holding remote meetings between employees while having the impression of being in the same office. The metaverse is therefore likely to encourage teleworking, which has already developed massively in recent years.


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