Q&A with Nils Richter

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Since when are you part of leaders for climate action?

I joined the association in 2019.


What is the message behind this group? How do they take action?

Leaders for climate action is an entrepreneurial community that drives climate action. They turn business leaders into climate leaders, helping to transform their organisations and inspire them to influence policy makers and society. 

We cannot rely on politicians to do everything. Therefore, it is so important that as a business leader, MD or CEO, we do our part and make changes in our organisations to support a better environment. We can have a huge impact as we represent a lot of people. 

The community has 1,517 members and 173,751 employee pledges. They have already achieved $13.53 million dollars in compensation and saved 902,091 tons of carbon (in-counting!!).



We know there is no Planet B. And we know a lot of people are making changes already, as well as companies. What is your personal plan for 2022?

Since 2019, I have committed to compensate for my own footprint and try my best to make this footprint smaller every year. 

  • I use public transportation and my bike more often
  • I spend my holidays with my children cleaning beaches etc.
  • I am educating employees at Halian and making business changes to have a bigger impact on our society. 

Hopefully, other agencies will follow as we are not able to save the planet alone!


Halian became climate neutral in 2021. How did you achieve that?

We have done numerous activities, a key one being swapping our energy and electricity usage for renewable energy resources. 

We started to plant trees for every birthday within the group which has reached 110 for 2021 already. Furthermore, we give all new staff sustainable products to influence their footprint, including reusable coffee cups, water bottles and sustainable bags; reducing one-use products. 

The rest was compensated by funding environmental projects. 

In fact with all our latest activities, I am proud to say that Halian is climate negative!