Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity and Inclusion has become a real focus for our business. Our strategy has grown massively over the last twelve months following our partnership with the ENEI. To celebrate our development in this area, we wanted to look back over our main initiatives this year which focussed around Religious Awareness, Race Awareness, and PRIDE.

Firstly, we hosted a religious awareness webinar. This involved our employees speaking about their faith and sharing why it is so meaningful to them. This was a great way for the team to get a better understanding of each other, and other people they may interact with. We have also created and shared useful content on how to reduce discrimination at work, and how managers can prevent religious intolerance.

We hosted two PRIDE webinars, one co-hosted with ENEI expert speaker, Roland Chesters; this helped educate our team on the history of the PRIDE movement. The second webinar was held by a panel of our employees who spoke about what PRIDE means to them, and how their identities have been formed by their experiences as members of the LGBTQIA+ community in the 21st century.

A journaling and mindfulness session was also held to give our colleagues the chance to reflect on what they are thankful for, and take some well deserved time away from work to relax. This included what is gratitude and why we should all practise it, top tips and questions to reflect upon.

Finally, working with our ENEI partners, we hosted a Race Awareness panel discussion with guest speaker, Dawn Lewinson, and two of our leaders, Isaac Okeowo and Yaw Boaten. This was a really powerful and insightful session. So much was covered, from why black history month is necessary, to what privilege is, and on to issues faced in the workplace; where some of our team shared their personal experiences and challenges they’ve overcome. Furthermore, Dawn went through some great tips and advice such as how to challenge, powerful allies, inclusive language and the journey to become anti-racist.

To continue to support our team, in the new year we will launch an internal microsite. We have committed to update this monthly with new content to keep awareness high and to continually share knowledge around key EDI themes.