Our Commitment To EDI

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We are a global partner of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) – a leading employer network and non-profit charity covering all aspects of equality and inclusion in the workplace. The ENEI offer support and empower Halian consulting on process improvement, training and cultural understanding – guiding us to become a truly diverse and inclusive business through assessments, benchmarking, tailored improvement plans and strategies.

So far on our EDI journey, we have launched:

  • Colleague surveys, sent to establish what is important and any ideas on how we can improve.
  • An inclusion and diversity task force responsible for reviewing activities to ensure we are held accountable for actions.
  • A community of employees who are trained to confidentially support with workforce questions or issue problems relating to.
  • EDI events to raise awareness around culture, bias, experiences and beliefs.
  • New company vision and values.

Next on our EDI agenda is:

  • Training on a variety of EDI topics such as; gender coding, identity, mental health or unconscious bias and neutral writing.
  • Escalation processes for any discriminatory behaviour be it from clients, candidates or colleagues.
  • Create a talent management plan to attract an increased level of diverse talent; considering “culture add” rather than “culture fit”.
  • Partnering with specific charities e.g. disability, ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+.
  • Building our external employee networks through community outreach groups.
  • Define a strategy for authentically partaking in notable dates and celebrations.
  • Strengthen, update and potentially add new business policies.
  • Ensure all legal legislations are up-to-date and use appropriate language.
  • Create an externally visible scorecard to measure progress and showcase metrics.

At Halian, in order to effectively reach and engage candidates on an international scale, we adapt our campaigns per geography, talking to and pitching roles to candidates in a way that they understand, appreciate and respect, and using practices and techniques they are familiar with. We carry out all hiring campaigns with compliance at the heart controlling and maintaining ethical standards, non-bias and eligibility in each of the countries our clients work in.