Sustainability is key

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Sustainability is key

Halian’s ambition is to become the first CO2 neutral recruitment company in the market. We want to use our influence and network to make a contribution to the fight against climate change.

Our most recent action was replacing our stationary with sustainable products. We chose to source these from uma; a company to develop the first truly sustainable writing instrument series. 

The pens we have sourced are made from post-consumer recycled plastic. Uma says this is obtained from technical (domestic) appliances or other forms of plastic consumer waste. The process involves collecting and grading plastics and recycling each grade separately. After the recycling process, a new product can be ‘upcycled’ from what are known as post-consumer or also post industry plastics. Without exception, the recycling of plastics uses less crude oil and power.

Halian’s old stationary will not go to waste. We have decided to donate all our old pens and notepads to various schools and social institutions in Mozambique. To be precise in the capital Maputo, especially in the villages around Maputo.

One school in particular that will receive these donations is Escola Primaria e Completa de Tsoveca (EPC de Tsoveca), no Municipio City of Bilene, province of Gaza. This school has been selected as our colleague, Martin Tamele’s family helped to build this school with the support of a wider team. 



In addition to this, over the last few months we have made a number of changes to support our goal of becoming carbon neutral.

  1. We changed our electricity into green electricity.
  2. We calculated our CO2-Footprint referring to our consumption in 2020 and compensated it in sustainable projects.
  3. Our Managing Director, Nils Ritchter is an active member and supporter of the ‘Leaders of climate action’ association.
  4. We delivered a branded sustainable bag to everyone within Halian, along with a reusable coffee cup and water bottle which will be part of the new onboarding package. After using this new reusable cup for approx 20 times, you already will have a positive carbon footprint versus the use of the usual cups.
  5. We just changed our business birthday/anniversary celebrations and we will plant a tree for each birthday instead of buying presents from now on. 
  6. All our colleagues use Ecosia for research

But we are not finished yet! We have created an internal taskforce to drive and monitor our sustainable activities and they already have a number of initiatives in the pipeline!

Furthermore, we want to be sustainable in our daily business. Our sustainable ambition shapes our ethical, corporate culture and encourages our employees, candidates and clients to think and act in a climate-friendly way.

We want to invest in our relationships with our clients and candidates…. quality always wins in the long run.

We are committed to staying humble and approachable to our colleagues, clients and candidates. We want to build strong, deep relationships with our partners, manage the expectations of stakeholders and show real interest in our candidates careers; developing trust and true partnerships. We believe this is what a sustainable work ethic is all about. 

If you have more questions on the subject or on our team and our culture, click on the link