Why Work in recruitment?

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Why work in recruitment?

Progression & Development

Recruitment offers fast progression opportunities. If you put the work in and successfully acquire the skills needed, you can progress your career quicker than most other industries!

At Halian, you have a dedicated mentor to support and guide you, an experienced team on hand to assist and a highly knowledgeable management team to show you the ropes. In your first month, you will undergo a structured training plan to ensure you can hit the ground running and automatically be part of our inhouse Learning & Development academy. It doesn’t end there! We empower our employees to develop throughout their career, offering training and support for every level of seniority.

Advance your skill set

Working in recruitment really advances your practical business skills and experience. You will quickly improve and develop your skills across a range of areas including; problem solving, negotiation, communication, time management, empathy, relationship building and project/event management.

The skills and experience you learn in recruitment are transferable to many other business professions, allowing you to easily change career paths in the future.


Recruitment can be challenging. You’re managing people and unlike a product, people change their minds, cancel and life gets in the way. However, the challenges are what make the job exciting, and you are directly rewarded for your effort and success.

Halian’s commission structure is extremely generous making your earning opportunities highly lucrative! If you’re ready to put in the work, your monetary rewards will be exceptional.


Your job involves interacting with people and with no two people being the same, your role is diversified from the offset.

Recruitment is not your average office job, every day will be different. You will be out of the office meeting clients, attending events, interviewing, networking and doing office visits.

Personal Reputation

In recruitment you are able to build your own network and personal brand. This allows you to be recognised for your personal quality, success and service across the market.

Helping People

You are supporting global businesses grow and meet targets, often having a strong influence on how they grow and shape their teams.

You are helping candidates find and land their dream role. Listening to their skills and experience, understanding their career ambitions and guiding them through the application and interview process, is crucial support in their career development.

International travel

We are an international business, so working with us will provide opportunities to travel internationally to meet colleagues, clients and candidates. Whether it’s a client meeting, hosting an event or simply visiting your teammates, the opportunity is there!

Why focus on specialisms?

Halian has three specialist verticals: IT, Property & Construction and Renewable Energy. 

We have chosen to specialise in these areas because they all align to our promise and commitment to continually invest in a sustainable future.

  • IT is the future. In schools, children are being taught how to use technology from the young age of 4. In the workplace, IT is replacing and/or significantly improving processes to become more efficient, accurate and save time. In life, IT has changed the way we communicate, travel, shop and play. IT is changing all aspects of the world and will continue to do so and we are at the forefront of this. 
  • The property & construction industry is changing to provide a sustainable environment for the populations future. This is impacting all aspects of the built environment from how buildings are designed, built and maintained.
  • We are a responsible business with sustainability objectives firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Renewable energy is essential in the fight against climate change and it is our responsibility to do our part. The Renewables sector creates more jobs every day and we are invested in driving this sector even further.


We are growing our teams in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart, and are looking for individuals who are driven, ambitious and ready to join us on our journey! Whether you have no experience or are very senior looking for a change, we are recruiting at all levels so please get in touch!

With or without a CV, get in touch for a first informal chat via: [email protected]

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